First gym equipment has arrived

There have been some delays, but finally we have the opening of Otterburn Gym in our sights. The first items of equipment arrived yesterday and we are nearly ready to open the doors. All being well, the gym will be open in the first week of February, and we have agreed a membership cost of £15 per month or if paid in advance £150 annually.

Cross trainer and rowing machine are still waiting delivery, but I'm sure you will agree that the Gym is starting to look good.




3 thoughts on “First gym equipment has arrived

  1. Adam westgarth

    Great news, looking forward to using this!
    One question though!
    Are you putting a bench and squat rack/a frame in?
    I’m a keen gym goer, although a little out of shape at the minute, but I’m very keen on free weights! Is this some that will be in this gym or possibly at a later point?


    1. Adminrtc Post author

      Unfortunately we can’t include free weights; two reasons lack of space and safety. There are significant issues if someone has an accident in the gym when working alone with free weights. There are dumb bells and machines that work some of the same areas


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